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HTA implementation

To implement HTA in a system, several steps should be followed depending on the main focus and aim of implementing. This way, HTA could be implemented in any system where there is even limited priority to HTA implementation, to reach full HTA implementation.

Kaló Zoltán, et al. discussed the implementation of HTA in Central Eastern European countries focusing on two settings; capacity building and policy decisions.

When there is no or limited priority to HTA implementation, there are usually no HTA trainings, HTA evidence is not used in decision making and there is no public HTA organization. On the contrary, when HTA is fully implemented in a system, there are permanent HTA graduate & short courses with post-graduate training, local HTA evidence is used in decision making, and there is one more public HTA organizations.

To reach full HTA implementation, the following plan was implemented in CEE countries. Kaló, Zoltán, et al. shared this roadmap in their article “HTA implementation roadmap in Central and Eastern European countries.”, for others to have an idea on how HTA can be implemented in a system.


Source: Kaló, Zoltán, et al. “HTA implementation roadmap in Central and Eastern European countries.” Health economics 25 (2016): 179-192.

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